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Majordomo2 list server

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register[-[no]welcome] [address]
register-pass[-[no]welcome] newpassword [address]
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address,     if specified, is a previously unregistered address
-nowelcome,  if specified, suppresses the new registration message
-pass,       if specified, also sets the password
-welcome,    if specified, sends the new registration message
newpassword, if specified, is the initial password for address
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register-password XXX Joe Blow <>

The "register" command adds an "address" to the registration database
without adding it to any lists. It is possible to register, get a
password, and then use "approve" to subscribe to several lists instead
of using "accept" to confirm each subscription.

Unless the "-password" option is used, Majordomo will invent one and
send it to "address" with a request for confirmation.  The new
password must be at least 4 characters long.

If you use the "-password" option, you MUST use "newpassword". If you
use "-password" but don't put "newpassword" between the option and the
address, Majordomo will grab the first word of your address (quite
possibly a comment field like your real name) for use as the password
(and the command may fail). In the example above, "XXX" is stripped off
as the password and "Joe Blow" is stored as a comment with the address
"". If the "XXX" had been forgotten, the password would be
"Joe" and the user would be registered as "Blow <>". Your
password must be at least as long as the system administrator wants
it (admins should refer to "help configset_password_min_length").

Unless the "-nowelcome" option is used, Majordomo will send a message
to "address" with an explanation of how to unregister. The site manager
can decide how many files, if any, new registrants will receive.

The registry may be configured such that a welcome message is not
sent automatically (see "help configset_welcome" for an explanation.)
In this case, using the "-welcome" mode will cause the welcome
files to be sent.

When an address is first subscribed to any list at this site, it is
automatically put in the registration database and the register command
can not be used until that address is unregistered. Unregistering will
automatically remove that address from all lists at this site.

The address need not be a simple email address. Comment fields are
preserved in the registration database. These examples are all valid
addresses, the SAME address, but with different comment fields:
   Joe Blow <>
   "Joe Blow 555-1212" <>
   Joe Blow <> (555-1212) (Joe Blow)
Note that registering with a name or other comment field is not
required, but it may help a site administrator find your address
in the event you need help later.

In addition, other technically illegal addresses can be used
but only if the site administrator has enabled them. See these
help files for details:
   help configset_addr_allow_at_in_phrase
   help configset_addr_allow_bang_paths
   help configset_addr_allow_comments_after_route
   help configset_addr_allow_ending_dot

A confirmation token will be sent to the given "address" to verify
this action, and must be replied to with an "accept" command before
the registration is completed and the password can be used.

If a subscriber changes from one email address to another, it is
not necessary to unregister and re-subscribe to all the lists.
The "changeaddr" command can update the registry and subscriber
databases all at one time.

See Also:
   help access_variables
   help changeaddr (which replaces one address with another)
   help configset_password_min_length    (set minimum password length)
   help configset_welcome        (determines if welcome messages are sent)
   help configset_welcome_files  (determines which welcome messages are sent)
   help password   (which changes an individual's password)
   help rekey      (for how to repair the registry)
   help subscribe  (does an automatic registration)
   help unregister (which removes an address from the database)
   help who        (for a list of addresses in the registry)

This is the "register" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1200410180.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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