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Majordomo2 list server

          Majordomo 2 Users' Guide [last revised June 19, 2004]

This guide lists some of the most commonly asked questions about using
majordomo mailing lists.  The questions deal with the following topics:

      1) How to subscribe and unsubscribe
      2) Where to send messages
      3) Authorization to post messages
      4) Stopping mail temporarily
      5) Receiving messages in digests
      6) Unexpected mail stoppage
      7) Getting a list of subscribers
      8) Copies of your posted messages
      9) Replying privately or to the list

Please read through the guide before sending any messages to, and then save the guide for future reference.

1)  "How do I Subscribe to the mj2-dev mailing list?"
    "How do I Unsubscribe from the mj2-dev mailing list?"

Send a message to

If you wish to subscribe, use the command
sub mj2-dev

If you wish to unsubscribe, use the command
unsub mj2-dev

If you wish to unsubscribe, and to rejoin the list later, use the command
unsub-farewell mj2-dev
You will then receive a farewell message with instructions for resubscribing.

Always put commands in the body of the message.
Commands in the Subject: line will be ignored.

Majordomo will ask for your confirmation before adding your
address to the mj2-dev list.  Read the instructions in the 
confirmation mail message carefully before replying.

After you have confirmed your subscription, you will receive
a welcome message with instructions for leaving the mailing
list.  This message contains your majordomo password, so
be sure to save it for future reference.

Once you have subscribed to the mj2-dev mailing list, it is possible
to unsubscribe or change the settings of your subscription 
via the WWW.  Refer to the welcome message to remember your majordomo
password, then visit

If you have questions about this WWW service, write to


2)  "What is the difference between and  How do I know which address to use?" should be used ONLY for messages that you wish to
send to all mj2-dev subscribers.

Messages concerning your mj2-dev subscription should be sent to For example, send
messages to, not mj2-dev when you wish to

     Cancel your subscription:          unsub mj2-dev
     Stop receiving mail temporarily:   set mj2-dev nomail
     Start receiving mail again:        set mj2-dev mail
     Set your mail to digest format:    set mj2-dev digest

If you try to set your subscription to NOMAIL or you try to unsubscribe and are
told you don't have a subscription, you may be subscribed under a different
address.  You can use the SHOW command to determine which of your other
addresses is subscribed to the list.  For example, if your other address is, send the following command in the body of a message to


(A confirmation message will be sent to

For more extensive information about Majordomo commands, use the following

     help commands 

You will receive a summary of Majordomo commands.

If you have questions about your subscription, 
do not send them to or to  
Instead, contact the list managers at


3)  "I have tried to post a message to the list, but it
was not distributed on the list.  What happened?"

Messages that are not distributed immediately have usually been sent to the
moderators of the list for approval.  To receive a notice when your messages
are sent to the moderators, send the following command:

  set mj2-dev ackstall

in the body of a message to

There are a variety of reasons your message was not distributed immediately:

* The message contains what appears to be a list server command,
such as "unsubscribe."

* The message is a duplicate of a message previously distributed 
on the mailing list.

* The message body is too long.

* One of the message header lines is too long.

* The list name is not mentioned in the To: or Cc: headers.

* The list is moderated.


4)  "I'm going on vacation for several weeks.  Can I stop mail while
I'm away, or do I have to unsubscribe?"

You can stop mail temporarily by sending the following command in
a message to

set mj2-dev nomail

When you want mail to start arriving again, use the following

set mj2-dev mail

If you know in advance how long you will be gone, it is possible
to have majordomo automatically resume sending you messages.  For example,
if you will be gone for 24 days, use the command:

set mj2-dev nomail-24d

The normal setting for mj2-dev mail is "each".  So if you want to change
anything back to the normal setting send the following message to

set mj2-dev each

Send these commands to, not to!

Also, if you receive a message back telling you you're not a subscriber,
see section 2) above for a description of the show command.


5)  "Can I receive mj2-dev messages in a digest format?"

Yes, it is possible to receive mail in digest format. 
To get your mail daily in digest format, send the following command
to :

set mj2-dev digest

In addition, most mailing lists at CSF have a weekly digest which
is distributed only on Monday.  To receive the weekly digest, use
this command:

set mj2-dev digest-weekly

To get back into regular mail delivery send the following message 
to :

set mj2-dev each

There are three digest formats:

"mime" format is the default, and causes each message to be included
in the digest as a separate attachment.

"text" format causes all of the messages appear together.  No
attachments are used.

"index" format shows only the subjects and authors of the individual
messages.  The message bodies are omitted.

For example, to change to the "text" format, send the following message

set mj2-dev digest-text


6)  "What should i do if mail from mj2-dev suddenly stops?"

Occasionally, mail sent from mj2-dev may fail to reach you.  If you
notice that you haven't received any mj2-dev mail for at least 24 hours and
preferably two or three days especially in the summer, you
should send the following one-word message to


You will get back message listing if you are subscribed, and what
the settings of your subscription are.  For example, 

        Subscribed as Who Knows <>.
        Subscribed at Wed May 24 19:05:49 2000 GMT.
        Receiving each message as it is posted.
        Subscriber flags:
        Data last changed at Mon Jun 12 18:07:37 2000 GMT.

If you are subscribed your address will be listed. Please check
the address to which mail is sent to see if it is the same as the one
you use. If not, please contact

If the reply from majordomo says "Receiving each message," 
contact your computer support staff to find out whether they're 
aware of a mail problem.  If they don't know of any problem, 
contact the list manager privately at

If you have questions or encounter problems, please write to the
list owners privately at


7)  "How can I get a list of subscribers to mj2-dev?"

The subscriber list is usually restricted to the list owners.
Contact them at if you have questions about it.


8)  "Can I stop receiving copies of messages that I post to the list?"

mj2-dev is set up so that people receive copies of the messages
they post to the list.  If you do not wish to receive such copies, simply
send the following message to

set mj2-dev noselfcopy

If you want to go back to the regular setting send the following message

set mj2-dev selfcopy


9)  "When should I reply privately rather than to mj2-dev?"

mj2-dev is set up so that replies will normally be sent to the message
author.  If you respond to a mj2-dev message by hitting a reply 
key or typing "reply," only the author will read your response.

To send a reply to the entire list, it may be necessary to use your mail
software's "reply to all" feature.  Majordomo will avoid sending
duplicates to list subscribers whose addresses appear in the To: and Cc:
headers of your reply.

Replying to the list is appropriate when the contents are
likely to be of interest to a number of subscribers.  However, if you
are writing to request a copy of a paper someone has mentioned, please
send your request PRIVATELY, NOT to  

Similarly, comments directed at a particular person (e.g., "Right on,
Rhoda.  Good point," or "Thanks for the info," or "What a horrendous
experience that must have been.  I don't know why people do such
things," or "Hi, Jane, I'm glad to see you've joined the list.  Write to
me," etc.)  should be sent PRIVATELY, NOT to 

Also, short general statements of approval or disapproval (e.g.,
"Hooray!  I'm glad someone finally said that!" or "I can't imagine how
anyone can believe such nonsense") should NOT be sent to


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