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Majordomo2 list server

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help [topic]
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all possible topics are listed in this file, "help topics"
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The "help" command returns a help file from the server, if help is
available for the requested topic. If the requested topic is not
available, an error file is returned.

Below is a list of all possible topics! To get help, send one or more
of the lines below to the server at, as in
   help help
to get basic help.

All commands have help files, but you will probably want to start with
   help overview
if you are a list subscriber, or
   help admin
if you manage a list, to get an idea of which commands you want to use.

If you are looking for the right command to use, and already understand
the Majordomo software, try sending one of these lines to
   help commands
   help admin_commands
to get an idea of which commands you want to use without browsing the
list of commands below. There is a one-line description of what
each command does, plus some introductory text, in each file.

These help files are introductory documents:

   help admin
   help admin_commands
   help admin_config
   help admin_delivery
   help admin_documents
   help admin_moderate
   help admin_monitor
   help admin_passwords
   help admin_subscribers
   help command_line
   help commands
   help overview
   help topics

These help files discuss individual programs, which are used to provide
interfaces to Majordomo from the command line, the worldwide web, or
e-mail messages:

   help mj_confirm
   help mj_email
   help mj_enqueue
   help mj_queuerun
   help mj_queueserv
   help mj_shell
   help mj_trigger
   help mj_wwwadm
   help mj_wwwusr

These help files discuss advanced topics in detail:

   help access
   help access_variables
   help auxiliary_list
   help command_parser
   help delay
   help error_files
   help format_files
   help here_document
   help patterns
   help reply_files
   help shell_hook
   help times
   help variables

These help files describe Majordomo commands:

   help accept
   help alias
   help announce
   help approve
   help archive
   help changeaddr
   help configdef
   help configset
   help configshow
   help createlist
   help default
   help digest
   help end
   help faq
   help get
   help help
   help index
   help info
   help intro
   help lists
   help owner
   help password
   help post
   help put
   help register
   help reject
   help rekey
   help report
   help request_response
   help sessioninfo
   help set
   help show
   help showtokens
   help sublist
   help subscribe
   help tokeninfo
   help trigger
   help unalias
   help unregister
   help unsubscribe
   help which
   help who

These help files describe commands that are aliases for other commands:

   help aliasadd
   help aliasremove
   help cancel
   help config
   help configdefault
   help configedit
   help exit
   help man
   help mkdigest
   help newconfig
   help newfaq
   help newinfo
   help newintro
   help quit
   help remove
   help signoff
   help stop
   help sub
   help unsub

These help files describe configuration settings:

                       Settings for all mailing lists

   help configset_access_password_override
   help configset_access_rules
   help configset_admin_body
   help configset_admin_headers
   help configset_advertise
   help configset_archive_url
   help configset_bounce_recipients
   help configset_comments
   help configset_config_access
   help configset_debug
   help configset_default_language
   help configset_delivery_rules
   help configset_dup_lifetime
   help configset_faq_access
   help configset_get_access
   help configset_inactive_lifetime
   help configset_index_access
   help configset_info_access
   help configset_inform
   help configset_intro_access
   help configset_master_password
   help configset_message_headers
   help configset_noadvertise
   help configset_noarchive_body
   help configset_noarchive_headers
   help configset_owners
   help configset_passwords
   help configset_priority
   help configset_sender
   help configset_set_policy
   help configset_taboo_body
   help configset_taboo_headers
   help configset_token_lifetime
   help configset_token_remind
   help configset_triggers
   help configset_welcome
   help configset_welcome_files
   help configset_which_access
   help configset_who_access
   help configset_whoami
   help configset_whoami_owner

                  Settings for regular mailing lists only

   help configset_ack_attach_original
   help configset_active
   help configset_administrivia
   help configset_aliases
   help configset_allowed_classes
   help configset_allowed_flags
   help configset_archive_access
   help configset_archive_date
   help configset_archive_dir
   help configset_archive_size
   help configset_archive_split
   help configset_attachment_filters
   help configset_attachment_rules
   help configset_bounce_max_age
   help configset_bounce_max_count
   help configset_bounce_probe_frequency
   help configset_bounce_probe_pattern
   help configset_bounce_rules
   help configset_category
   help configset_config_defaults
   help configset_default_class
   help configset_default_flags
   help configset_delete_headers
   help configset_description
   help configset_description_long
   help configset_digest_index_format
   help configset_digest_issues
   help configset_digests
   help configset_farewell
   help configset_farewell_files
   help configset_file_search
   help configset_file_share
   help configset_max_header_line_length
   help configset_max_mime_header_length
   help configset_max_total_header_length
   help configset_maxlength
   help configset_message_footer
   help configset_message_footer_frequency
   help configset_message_fronter
   help configset_message_fronter_frequency
   help configset_moderate
   help configset_moderator_group
   help configset_moderators
   help configset_nonmember_flags
   help configset_override_reply_to
   help configset_post_lifetime
   help configset_post_limits
   help configset_precedence
   help configset_purge_received
   help configset_quote_pattern
   help configset_reply_to
   help configset_resend_host
   help configset_restrict_post
   help configset_save_denial_checksums
   help configset_sequence_number
   help configset_subject_prefix
   help configset_subject_re_pattern
   help configset_subject_re_strip
   help configset_sublists
   help configset_subscribe_policy
   help configset_unsubscribe_policy

                  Settings for the GLOBAL pseudo-list only

   help configset_addr_allow_at_in_phrase
   help configset_addr_allow_bang_paths
   help configset_addr_allow_comments_after_route
   help configset_addr_allow_ending_dot
   help configset_addr_limit_length
   help configset_addr_require_fqdn
   help configset_addr_strict_domain_check
   help configset_addr_xforms
   help configset_advertise_subscribed
   help configset_block_headers
   help configset_chunksize
   help configset_confirm_url
   help configset_default_lists_format
   help configset_description_max_lines
   help configset_latchkey_lifetime
   help configset_log_lifetime
   help configset_max_in_core
   help configset_password_min_length
   help configset_relocated_lists
   help configset_request_answer
   help configset_return_subject
   help configset_session_lifetime
   help configset_signature_separator
   help configset_site_name
   help configset_tmpdir
   help configset_whereami
   help configset_www_help_window
   help configset_wwwadm_url
   help configset_wwwusr_url


For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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