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Majordomo2 list server

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configset listname farewell_files <<TAG
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Default Value : Farewell from the GLOBAL list ... (only first item is shown)
Data Type     : welcome_files
Category      : reply
Password Notes: Visible only with password. 
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configset listname farewell_files << ENDTAG
Farewell from the GLOBAL list
farewell : NS
Instructions in case you wish to rejoin
rejoin-info : NS

The farewell_files setting determines which documents are mailed when
someone leaves a mailing list with the "unsubscribe" command.

Each file takes two lines.  The first should be an explanatory message
which will appear in the Subject or Content-description header of the
e-mail message that is sent to the ex-subscriber.  The second line
consists of a file name and a flag field, which are separated by a colon
(':') or pipe symbol ('|').

The first line of each file description will be displayed in the Subject
header of a message if the file is the first file to appear in a farewell
message.  Otherwise, the first line will appear in a Content-Description
header of an attachment to the farewell message.

The first field of the second line of a file description is a file name.
The file must already be present in the file space of your mailing list.
The "get" command can be used to verify that the file exists:

  get-immediate LISTNAME FILENAME

Files can be created in the file space using the "put" command.

Each file in a list's file space has a brief description.  If you wish
to use a file's default description in the subject or
content-description header of a welcome message, simply use the word
"default".  See "help admin_documents" for an introduction to the file
space and file descriptions.

The second field of the second line of a file description is an optional
flag field.  Three flags are supported:  

  * 'E' causes the file to be included only if it exists in the list's
     explicit search path (as specified by the file_search setting).  The
     default locations will not be searched.  If the file does not exist,
     it will be completely ignored.

  * 'N' indicates that the file should be the first part of a new farewell 

  * 'S' causes the file to undergo variable substitution (and possibly 
     auto-inclusion of additional files).  The variables supported include
     the standard substitutions, plus USER, PASSWORD, FRONTER, FOOTER,
     "help variables" for a description of each substitution variable.

Regardless of whether the 'S' flag is present, the substitutions will be
applied to the subject from the first line of the description.

It is possible to use comments before, between, and after the individual
rules, but not within rules.  Comments are lines that begin with a '#'.
You can use comments as a reminder of what a file does or why
it was chosen, but comments have no impact on how the setting works.

See Also:
   help admin_documents   (for an introduction to the file space)
   help configset_file_search (determines how files are looked for)
   help configset_farewell (determines if farewell messages are sent)
   help get               (to retrieve files from the list's file space)
   help put               (to store files in the list's file space)
   help register
   help subscribe
   help unregister
   help unsubscribe
   help variables         (for an explanation of substitution variables)

This is the "configset_farewell_files" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1200410180.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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