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Majordomo2 list server

                    Monitoring activity on a Majordomo list

Whenever Majordomo posts a message or handles someone's request, it records
an entry in a log.  Majordomo can also be configured to mail the owners
a notice which indicates what took place.  Furthermore, a list owner can
ask Majordomo for a report about recent events. 

The examples in this document assume that you know how to use your 
list's administrative password.  Please review "help admin_passwords",
if you have not already done so.  In each example, replace LISTNAME
with the name of your mailing list.

Receiving e-mail notices

To receive e-mail notices about events as they occur, list owners
can change the inform configuration setting (see "help admin_config"
for an introduction to configuration settings).  By default, notices
of all successful subscribe and unsubscribe commands are sent to the
list owners.  Also, whenever a subscriber disallows a request with
the reject command, a notice is sent.  To stop receiving all of these 
notices, use the following command to change the inform setting to
an empty value:

configset LISTNAME inform <<ABC

If you are receiving notices about the unsubscribe command, you might
want to avoid getting a notice when you remove an address from the list.
To do this, use the noinform command mode.  For example,

  unsubscribe-noinform LISTNAME

will cause Majordomo to remove from the mailing list 
without sending you (or the other list owners) a notice.

For more information, see "help configset_inform".

Reports of recent activity

You can receive a full listing or summary of recent actions for your
mailing list with the report command.  For example, 

  report LISTNAME 14d post

will show the log entry for each message posted to your list during 
the last 14 days.  It is also possible to combine actions, and to
limit by result.  For example, 

  report LISTNAME 36h subscribe,unsubscribe : fail

will show a summary of all failed subscribe and unsubscribe commands
during the last 36 hours.  Majordomo discards log entries older than
a certain period of time, usually a month, so the report command
is only useful for recent events.

For more information, see "help report".

What the public knows about your list

If your list is public, anyone can use the lists command to learn
more about your mailing list.  For example,

  lists-full-long LISTNAME

will show details such as the number of subscribers, the list and
owner addresses provided by Majordomo, and which digests are 

For more information, see "help lists".

Messages awaiting delivery

If your list is configured to deliver messages bundled into digests,
there may be messages which have been delivered singly, but have
not been included in digests yet.  To see the status of each
digest, use the following command:

  digest-status LISTNAME

and to force the digests to be delivered immediately, use this command:

  digest-force LISTNAME

For more information, see "help digest".

Posted message statistics

The archive command can give more detailed information about posted
messages than the report command.  For example, the command

  archive-stats LISTNAME 21d

will display a count of messages for each person who posted a message to
your mailing list during the last 21 days.  

For more information, see "help archive".

See Also:
   help admin
   help admin_commands
   help admin_config
   help admin_delivery
   help admin_documents
   help admin_moderate
   help admin_passwords
   help admin_subscribers
   help archive
   help configset_inform
   help report

This is the "admin_monitor" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1200410180.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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