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Majordomo2 list server

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accept[-archive][-hide][-intact] [token] [comment]
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-archive, if specified, archives a message without distributing it
-hide,    if specified, omits a message from public archives
-intact,  if specified, keeps message attachments from being altered
token,    if specified, is a 12-digit identifier
comment,  if specified, is passed from the owner to the subscriber
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The 'accept' command tells Majordomo to allow or approve some requested
action.  Note that the token can be returned from any e-mail address, not
just the address which made the request.  If you did not make the request,
be sure you follow up with whoever did after accepting or rejecting the

Some commands will require your confirmation before their actions will be
taken; this can help protect you from mischief by preventing others from
submitting commands in your name.  In such a case, a 'token' will be
mailed to you for approval.  For example, '' tries to
subscribe '' to an email list - perhaps Joe is doing
Mary a favor, or perhaps he's being malicious... either way, Mary gets a
token so she can accept or reject the subscription before it happens.

A token is also called a magic number, because you are getting an email
message with a long number in the subject line.  That number is
remembered by Majordomo.  When you send the number back Majordomo knows
it has reached you because the number acts like a one-time-only

If the token is omitted from the command, the Subject: header will be
searched for one; accepting a token therefore usually requires only that
you hit "reply" on your mailer and type the word "accept".

Once Majordomo receives your acceptance, the stalled command will be
executed and the results returned in a response message.  If you do not
accept or reject the token, Majordomo eventually "times out" based on site
or list settings.  By default, failing to respond within a configurable
amount of time results in the token being rejected.  This default behavior
can be changed by the list owner or site administrator by using the
appropriate access_rules settings.  Majordomo will try to remind you that
it is about to give up before timing out.  The list owner or site
administrator sets the number of days for token reminders and expirations.

If the stalled command is for a message that should be placed in the
mailing list archive, but not distributed to the mailing list members
directly, the 'accept-archive' command may be used.  This feature has
proven useful in short-term, moderated discussions, when messages that
would be acceptable under other circumstances are not distributed, to
keep the discussion from overwhelming the participants.  The "archive
only" messages may be seen by the public at a later time, through a WWW
archive, or using Majordomo's "archive" command.  

Similarly, the 'accept-hide' command can be used to mark a message as
"hidden" in the list's archive.  An "X-no-archive: yes" header will be
added to the message, and the message will only be visible through the
archive command to people with administrative access.

The "accept-intact" command can be used to prevent a posted message from
having its content altered due to the attachment filters.  See 
"help configset_attachment_filters" for more details on how messages 
can be changed.

For consult tokens, the presence of a delay will convert the token type
to "delay," delay the acceptance by the amount of time specified by a
preceding delay command (see "help default" and scroll down to the delay
section), and reduce the number of approvals still needed by one.

In addition to changing the default behavior of expired tokens,
access_rules can be used to specify the message that is sent to the user
when a request requires approval.

The "comment" string is only used for "consult" tokens, and only if the
action was acknowledged.

See Also:
   help admin_moderate           (how to moderate a mailing list)
   help configset_access_rules   (flexibly change list behavior)
   help configset_attachment_filters
   help configset_token_lifetime (expiration period)
   help configset_token_remind   (reminder before expiration)
   help default                  (for details on the "delay" option)
   help delay                    (to learn how requests are delayed)
   help reject                   (the opposite action of "accept")
   help showtokens               (for a list of stalled requests)
   help tokeninfo                (for details about a particular request)

This is the "accept" help document for 
Majordomo 2, version 0.1200410180.

For a list of all help documents, send the following command:
   help topics
in the body of a message to

For assistance, please contact the administrators.
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